Carol Blacklaws

In the Footsteps of Alexander Mackenzie

In the Footsteps of Alexander Mackenzie follows my twenty-five-year-old archaeological field assistant self as I explored Canada’s most epic yet least commemorated trail. The survey work traveled over 450 kilometres of trail from the Blackwater River up and over the Rainbow Mountains, ending in Bella Coola on the Pacific Coast.

Breakfast on the Trail

Evening at Rocky Mountain meadow – This was a traditional campsite halfway between Lheghidli and Baezaeko. The meadow had good grass and water for horses, abundant firewood and space for camping.

Rainbow Valley

Caught in a heavy early morning frost while travelling through the Mackenzie Valley.

Ed Adams

Ed Adams, the nieghbor of Diana Phillips and Barry Repel, had one of the finest horse teams in the area. Here he uses one side of the team to drag logs from the surrounding forest to a building site.

Antoine Baptiste’s Wife

“Aloo” Baptiste (everyone’s mom)